These groups help power the #9


DriverCheck, RJS Motorsports, RJS Racing 9, Race cars

The #fitnessforduty Experts! The driving power of the #9 heading into our third season!


RJS Motorsports, Virtual Reality, Truck driver training, Race cars. iMVR

Fully immersive virtual world to enhance driving performance. Continually evolving with the industry to create a safer environment through training, experience, and behaviour. 

We will Race for a Cure!


Trucking For a Cure not only raises awareness and funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation but also builds bridges between commercial drivers, the industry, the public at large, and hope to unite trucking enthusiasts behind such a meaningful cause. 

Women's Trucking Federation of Canada


Many words can be used to describe the power and reach of this group. 

We know them as a "love" that powers the #9

Empowerment…Mentoring…Networking..Education…Camaraderie…Pride and Passion in what we do !!!

The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers


The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers.  Helping Truck Drivers have Successful Careers and Businesses  

Over 300 episodes of sharing and learning.

Edwardson Media


The backbone to the #9 Dodge's media program. 

Celebrating over 20 years we boast signs and automotive graphics of the highest caliber.  Our experienced staff not only provide you with quality designs but maintain the skill to produce and install  almost any sign