A million race cars and you have chosen RJS Motorsports

2019 has rolled in and RJS Motorsports is gearing up for the season

Great start for 2019 and the year hasn't started yet!


Warm Welcome to The Lead Pedal Podcast

Just announced that The Lead Pedal Podcast  will join us as our Media Partner, we are excited to how we both can grow from this experience. 

Stay tuned for some updates that WILL grab your attention!

This is how we rolled

Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup, RJS Motorsports

2019 Opening Thoughts

We are starting January, avoiding the cold and having Race Car dreams. We are working on things behind the scenes and will have lots to share as the days and weeks roll by.

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All about the Fans

Was great to have first time race spectators there to learn about and love grass roots racing. 2019 will bring more events like this and more!

RJS Motorsports, lucas oil, lucas oil sportsman cup

Looking to the Future!

Looking towards 2019, we are getting things ready for our release party...Stay Tuned for some great car racing and watch for other race cars

Not that we are counting

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