A million race cars and you have chosen RJS Motorsports

If you were there, you saw THIS! 


2019 is here and we are going racing!

Lot42 Global Flex Campus

LOT42 global flex campus

We have searched and found the PERFECT venue for our team to Launch the 2019 Season and our fundraising campaign. We welcome them to our team!

We Are Here!


The #9 DriverCheck Dodge will there for YOU to check out, sit in and see what we are all about!

Trucking for a Cure...1 lap at a time!

Cancer, Trucking for a cure,

Help us KICK it off RIGHT! See you there and we will be watching for you!

Talk ABout exciting!!


Let's Help Trucking for a Cure

 Late last fall,  we attended the Trucking for a Cure convoy with our car and were amazed by this event and the people involved.
We were so taken back by this day that over the winter we rethought how RJS Motorsports can give back to our community.
We are very proud to share that starting this year, we will be heavily involved and will Race for a Cure!
In the coming weeks, we will share ways that we will contribute and how you can contribute. 

Donate now!

Let's get this party started!


What Powers Our Team?

The kick off of the year shows the strenght of our team and the depth of the people that supports RJS Motorsports.


The Business Plan for FUN

Was great to have first time race spectators there to learn about and love grass roots racing. 2019 will bring more events like this and more!


Looking to the Future!

Are you sitting comfortably, then we'll begin.

Not that we are counting

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